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AUTO-COMPLETE - ON / OFF - Auto-complete is the process your computer uses to save time filling out forms you use on a regular basis. You have probably noticed this when you begin typing a few characters into a text field and the computer displays a drop-down list of words or phrases you have used in the past. By using your mouse to select any item on the list you avoid the effort of typing in the remaining characters.

This is fine for work stations where only one person uses the keyboard, but in an environment where many persons use the same computer for clocking in and out of this application it may be undesirable to display everyone's user name. Auto-complete is ON by default. If you would like it to be turned off for your business setting please select the OFF button below. You can also make changes to this option at any time in the future.
Clock In/Out Auto-Complete On
Clock In/Out Auto-Complete Off
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