If you are an employer, teacher, or any other leader of a group of people you should create your account by clicking on the EMPLOYER SIGN-UP link. Fill out the form entering your company name, the username you wish to use as the administrator of your group, and a password you will need in order to administer your group.

Remote Clock-In
You can choose whether most of your members will log in from your location or whether they can log in from any other computer located away from your place of business. This option can be changed at any time in the future and you can also handle each employee's access on an individual basis. This function prevents your members from being able to clock in from their home computer and then show up at their work station at a later time.

If your server is using DHCP you do not want to use the above tool as the IP addresses will vary from user to user and from time to time. Under these circumstances you will want to allow your members to log in from any IP address. You can always verify that they are clocking in from your server by logging in to your admin page, clicking on "View Member Hours" and then click on the "VIEW/IP" button. Where DHCP is in use only the last block of digits will usually vary while the first three blocks of digits remain constant. If you notice that those digits don't match the digits of your server it is an indication that the member used another computer to clock in or out.

The image shown below displays an example of what is known as Auto-Complete. It is a handy feature which saves time and effort when filling out a form. But if your group uses a single computer for clocking in or out, you may want to turn off this feature at the Clock In/Out screen. This option is available during the registration process and can be changed at any time. Keep in mind that leaving Auto-Complete turned on causes all of the user's names to be displayed with a single "click" on the box. This could eventually cause some extra work for you as an administrator as a result of someone clicking on another's name.

Select which Auto-Complete option works best for you and then click the Continue button.

If you have selected auto-complete and it fails to function properly log into your administrative page and click on Verify IP Address. Clicking on the REPAIR button should resolve that issue. Video

After clicking on the Continue button you will see your group's administrative information such as username and password. It is provided in order that you can print off a hard copy for your records.

Also, you need to enter your name as the administrator of the account. After printing the page click on the Finish button and continue to the next section.

At this point you are invited to continue setting up your group's list of members. Or, you may want to return later after querying them for their preference of a user name.

NOTE:  Your new account virtually never ends, with only one exception: If you as an administrator neglect to log into your Admin account for a period of one year it will be terminated at the end of that year.


Click on the Administer Your Accountlink of the home page, type in your user name and password, and click on the Continue button. In the admin section you can Add A Member Account Video, Edit a Member Account Video, or, Edit Group Account Info.

As an administrator of a group account you have the opportunity under Add Member to Account to add as many as 100 members to your account. Simply enter their first name, last name, and the user name you or they have chosen and click on the Continue button.

Under Edit A Member Account you have the option to make changes to their name, select on an individual basis whether they can clock in from a computer away from the work place, or delete their account.

Under Edit Master Account Info you have the options of changing the company administrator's password, and making system-wide changes to whether a member can clock in from a computer away from the work place. (After making a system-wide change you can always go into Edit Member Account and make individual corrections).

Verify IP Address Video is a way to make sure that the ip address we have recorded in the database matches your current ip address. Your ip address may change from time-to-time, depending upon who manages your internet connection. If your current ip address does not match the one we have in our database, some functions of this application will not work properly. By clicking on Verify IP Address you can check to see that nothing has changed. If your current ip address does not match the original ip address you can match them up by clicking the REPAIR button.

Manage Time-Zone Data Video to be used when the hour of day displayed in records does not match the actual hour of day in your time zone.


Some businesses require employee time-sheets to be turned in prior to the actual end of the pay-period. In these cases the employees are asked to estimate how many hours they plan to be working on the days following the date the time-sheet is to be turned in. Because the current clock-in and clock-out time is recorded when you click the mouse using this application, it would be impossible to record any times beyond this moment.

Therefore a new feature has been added which allows selected employees to record an estimate of the hours that will be worked on future days. By default this option is turned off and must be turned on for employees allowed to make use of it. The administrator can easily do this by clicking on Edit A Member Account on the administration page. In the column labeled ETiA (Estimated Time in Advance) click either True or False to incorporate the use of this option. Then click the EDIT button to record the change.

Once an employee is allowed to estimate his or her hours the form for doing so will appear on the log-in page. An employee who does not have this option available will not see the form.


What should you do when one of your members forgets to clock out after clocking in and the record for that session doesn't reflect the correct amount of accumulated time? Video You simply edit that particular record. Also, from time to time you will need to delete old records or make other corrections. To do this simply click on the Admin link. Enter your user name and password, and you will see your administrative page.

After entering the administrative page click on the link for viewing hours. You will see a list of members displayed and may need to scroll through the list to find the member of concern.

Click on the EDIT button to begin editing. A table containing each clocked-in period is displayed. Locate the period which needs correction and click on it.

A text box containing the record of concern will be displayed. It is only there for a referenct, in-case you forget what needed to be changed. Simply use the drop-down selections to correct the problem. Click on the SUBMIT button and then check again to be sure it appears correctly in the record.


NOTE: Records older than 45 days are automatically and permanently deleted from the database. If you intend to retain data you must download it prior to its deletion.

To download your records onto your local computer click on the Admin link and enter your user name and password. Video

Click on View Member Hours on the Admin page and then click on the appropriate View button in the Action column. At the top of the table you have the option of printing or downloading your data.

If you click on the Open option your spreadsheet application will be brought up to accept the csv file. This may be the best option as you can then save this file to any location and give it an appropriate filename.

Once you have the file downloaded you will most likely need to format the data to your preference. Also, the "Total" data shown on the web page will not be downloaded, but it is a simple task to create that in your spreadsheet application.


Once that data has been downloaded your computer you no longer need to retain it on the server. (Remember: Records older than 45 days are automatically deleted from the server by the punch-clock application without warning) At the same time, once you have transferred the data to your computer, it is much less confusing if the old data no longer appears on the screen. There are two basic methods of deleting unwanted records.

To delete old, unwanted records log in to the Admin section. Once logged in, click on View Member Hours.

Under the Action column click on the EDIT button. The far-right column of the table displays the word, DEL (Delete). You can delete just one record by clicking on this link where it is displayed next to the times you wish to delete. This link will only delete one record with each click. You would find this useful if you had just copied down last week's records and now wanted to eliminate them from view. This helps to keep things in your world a bit more tidy.

However, if you are retaining records over a longer period of time, such as a month, it would become very tedious trying to delete 30 records, one record at a time. Therefore, at the bottom of the table containing the records you will see a link labeled, DELETE ALL TIMES FOR THIS PERSON. Clicking on this link will clear all previous and current records for this person. It is like starting from a clean slate. Therefore you will be given a warning before proceeding that all recorded times will be lost. So, be sure you have copied all you need before proceeding. This action deletes the log of records for this person but does NOT delete the person from the database. A blank record is created during this process which the shows the time and date of deletion.


In December of 2011 was hit with a denial of service attack. This simply means that someone used software to continuously reload a page over and over for a period of time. The effect of this was to overload the server making it impossible for folks like yourself to have access to the free applications that are offered. The code on many of the pages on this site was re-written to prevent this malicious intent from having any further effect.

These changes have no effect upon how these applications respond to your input as long as you avoid doing two things: You should never need to do either of the above while using this application properly. But if you forget these instructions there is a "RESET" button on the home page of each application. Click that button and start your log-in process again.

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