The devil and his traps

Revelation chapter 12, verse 3, also, First Peter chapter 5 verse 8. From First Peter we read, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walks about, seeking whom he may devour."

What does the devil look like? (Ask the students what they think the devil looks like. They will probably say the he has horns, he has a tail, he has a pitch fork.)

No, the devil probably doesn't look like that. He probably looks like one of the most handsome guys that you'll see on television. Revelation chapter 12 verse 9 calls him a liar. If a liar who would cause you to go where you don't want to go he would have to trick you into it. If the devil looked like the descriptions that most children have of him we would be afraid of him. (Another good idea is to have someone dressed up in the devil's suit come into the Sunday school class. Sometimes this really scares the little ones, so you have to be careful.)

Some of you children are not afraid of the devil. You do exactly what he tells you most of the time. You don't recognize his voice. He doesn't say, "This is the devil speaking." "Now I want you to tell a lie."

Genesis chapter 3 verse 1 tells us that the devil is subtle. He's kind of like the kid at school who got in trouble from the teacher for being mean to you. He says, "I am going to get you after school." He has to do this so you won't get him in any more trouble. The devil's just like that.

The devil comes up to you and says, "It if you tell the truth, you'll just get into more trouble, your parents will get upset."

"Your parents are old, they don't know how it is to be young."

"It is time you learned to think for yourself."

"You ought to be able to do your own thinking."

"Not all the Bible is true."

"You can't prove there is a God."

These are the things that the devil says to us all the time. Not just to you, but to all of us. Remember, he walks about as a roaring lion. He hates you. Nobody else wants you go to hell. Only him. But he can't walk up to you and say, "hey, why don't you come with me to hell." Nobody would listen to him.

So the devil has to set a trap. We set traps when we want to catch something. How do you suppose they get the animals that they put into a zoo. Those animals don't just wander out of the forest and walk up to the zoo keeper and say, "I would like to live in the zoo." No, the zoo keeper had to catch the animals. You catch the animals with a trap.

Have you ever gone fishing? What do you place on the hook? Something you hope the fish will want to eat. If you donít find the right thing, the fish donít bite. To get the fish to bite you have to find the thing they like the most.

The devil does the same thing to trick us into doing things we know are wrong.

Have you ever set a mousetrap? What you put into a mousetrap when you want to catch a mouse? You put the thing that the mouse likes best. That might be cheese, it might be peanut butter.

(At this point have a real mousetrap. Set the mousetrap so that itís ready to go off. Use something like a stick to trigger the mousetrap so you don't hurt your fingers. As you go through the next few examples, each time you say the word, "snap", trigger the trap.)

If you are already saved and on your way to heaven, the devil could be using you as a trap for someone who isn't on their way to heaven that he wants to send to hell. They watch you everyday. Do they see you steal? Do they see you swear? Do they see you lie, or cheat? Someday they will make a decision whether or not they want to be a Christian. If they decide no, then "snap" goes the trap.

Maybe it's your parents that are watching you. They are trying to decide whether to come to church. They're trying to decide what to do. They watch you dis-obey. They watch you show disrespect. They watch you not honor them when they ask you for help. Someday they to will have to decide. After watching you they may decide, "No." Then, "snap" goes the trap.

Maybe you're in Sunday school is morning and you are not saved. We invite you to get saved this morning, but you say "No." You come to Sunday school next week. We invite you again to get saved. And you say "No." And the next week, and the next week, you continue to say "No." Someday, "snap" goes the trap. Then it will be too late. Then you won't have a second chance. The devil is trying to trick you right now. Remember heís smarter than me. He's smarter than you. Don't let him trick you.

Remember, Jesus died for you. The devil did nothing for you. Why don't you choose Jesus.